SATEC News & Events

  • SATEC is proud to announce that in cooperation with GWP we have completed adapting the PRO EM235/PM335 power analyzers for interfacing GWP Low Power Voltage Transformers and Low-power Passive current Transformers and that they have successfully passed the integration test at the GWP Lab.
  • DC Metering for PV Management
    SATEC offers DC metering solution for Central Inverter design.
  • SATEC-ABB MV Sensor Power Metering Solution
    SATEC presents a new model of the PM174/5 Advanced Power Quality Analyzers, designed to interface with ABB’s KEVA/KECA/KEVCY medium voltage sensors. 
  • Distance to Fault Applications
    The PM180's Distance to Fault application can save millions for system operators. A new application note explains how
  • Phasor Measurement Unit PMU
    As previously announced, SATEC now offers a PMU solutions per IEEE C37.118.1
  • A power quality monitoring system is an important regulatory building-block in any national grid. SATEC uniquely offers both the ultimate device for such a need and the ideal software platform.
  • DRF PMU Solution with SATEC PM180
    SATEC awarded an IEC tender for the supply of a solution for fault recording and calculation of Distance to Fault, with an offer for the PM180 analyzer with FDR and PMU modules.
  • SATEC PM180 and PRO Series comply with new requirement for compact, cost effective power meters, capable of hi-res frequency metering (frequency @  3 or 4 decimals: 0.0001 Hz), including data transmission every cycle. 
  • SATEC is excited to announce the launching of our newest 2022 product catalog!
  • Now available as M-Class and P-Class on our PM180: Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) per IEEE C37.118.1 (Wide Area Monitoring System)

    • Severstal is one of the largest steel producers in the world, with an annual revenue of US$6.7 billion (2020) and an annual power consumption of 6.3 billion kWh (!). 
    • Are you the future SATEC-partner? Come work with us!
      SATEC is a global leader in research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions.
      We are looking for a strong partners to join our global distribution network!
    • Disturbance Direction Detection with the PM180 SATEC Analyzer
      SATEC has now released a highly advanced feature of Disturbance Direction Detection and Analysis. Now available with the PM180, this tool allows identifying and indicating the location of a voltage dip or swell source relative to the monitoring point where the device is installed. This unique feature gives our “all-in-one” Class A, PQ analyzer yet another badge of honor.
    • SATEC has now officially launched a solution for Direct Current metering, based on the SATEC PRO meter, using Hall Sensors.
    • Pharma Plant Case Study

      SATEC saves $150K annually for multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer

    • Ancillary Frequency Control System Based on BESS and SATEC IEC 61850 Meter
      SATEC’s IEC 61850 PRO meter to be implemented in Taiwan BESS frequency control system
    • PRO Series Launch
      The PRO series is SATEC’s newest, cost-effective line of power meters for advanced power applications, including waveform recording and AC/DC power metering.
    • Optimizing Operational Performance Utilizing Cloud Based Solutions for Small to Mid-Sized Utilities
    • SATEC’s ExpertPowerTM Offers Big Utility Performance Tools to Municipal Utilities and Electric Coops.
    • SATEC Adds Digital Fault Monitoring to its BFM-II Branch Feeder Monitor.

      BFM-II – a field-proven, simple to install and cost-effective upgrade to outdated substation gear; new Digital Fault Recording (DFR) functionality enhances the BFM-II’s substation monitoring capabilities.

    • Come to meet us at Distributech International!

      January 28 - 30, 2020 | San Antonio, TX

      Booth 2769
    • IEC 61131 PLC Configuration for PM180
      A new PM180 programming tool allows configuration of the setpoint logic in accordance to IEC 61131 (formerly IEC 1131). It is an IEC standard for programmable controllers and makes the task of setting easier, by using graphical flowcharts that are common to all devices.
    • Sub tenant billing is the fastest growth sector in SATEC that provides great value for all – the facility owner, the utility, the tenants and the solution provider (that’s us!). A new catalog describes the solution, the business model and elaborates about the building blocks of the complete solution. 
    • Watch ExpertPower Video Tutorials on Youtube
      A picture is worth a thousand words, so how many is a video? ExpertPower training material got a boost with several tutorial videos to cover major topics with step by step guides. You are welcome to subscribe to the ExpertPower channel on YouTube to be notified about new videos.
    • SATEC Support
      In order to provide even better service, SATEC added a new support tracking system. Each support inquiry receives a "ticket" number, allowing users to track the status of the ticket.
    • ExpertPower V6.0 release
      Major enhancements include automated comparison between TOU setup on device vs. the ExpertPower server, map landing page support for a Digital-Input LED (Red/Green) and Basic measurements energy counters, bill data export to Excel, and more
    • EM720 new version
      The new improvements include dual mode with transformer loss calculation, changed billing profile recording logic, Improved compatibility of the cellular network for LTE networks and IEC 61850 protocol enhancement
    • 8MB extended Memory for EM133-AR
      New extended memory version is available for EM133-AR with 8MB memory. The larger memory version is available for the EM133-AR version (Advanced Residential), which includes display and accumulation of daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly energies.
    • Web server for SATEC EM13x, PM13x and PM17x series
      New feature to SATEC xM13x and PM17x devices with Ethernet module - it is possible to access the device data by simply typing the IP address of the device in any Internet browser without any additional software. The web server has 3 pages - device info, real time readings and events.
    • New Case Study: Power Plant Automation Retrofit
      SATEC PM180 devices in the first modern system in Mongolia for fault registration, monitoring, control and high accuracy energy metering focusing on the quality and reliability.
    • SATEC 2017 Product Catalog
      SATEC’s catalog is updated to reflect all the changes and modifications throughout the year. It includes the new products BFM-II and ETC-II; ExpertPower new Energy Intelligence module; and many upgrades and enhancements.
    • Low budget power quality with SATEC PM13X series

      This application note describes how to detect sags, swells and interruption using the EM133/PM130EH PLUS/PM135 models. Voltage sags, swells and interruptions are among the most common power quality events that affect the operation of electrical systems. A detailed analysis of these events requires the use of a power quality analyzer. However, with the advanced performance of the SATEC power meters, such functionality can be achieved to some extent on a lower budget.

    • New Solid Core 200A HACS
      SATEC's wide selection of SATEC’s High Accuracy Current Sensors (HACS) has a new 200A solid core option. The solid core provides best accuracy and lower price to maximize performance and cost effectiveness.
    • ExpertPower - Total Distribution
      SATEC's new case study describes how ExpertPower billing system identified a discrepancy in the utility electric bills, saving a major food factory $33,500.
    • ExpertPower New Release
      ExpertPower version 4.2 is released. The new version includes: support for version 2010 of EN50160 (depending on devices), billing comparison that allows you to compare the system bills with the utility bills, a new report: "Invoices Data SAP Format" with improved integration with SAP software...
    • A new presentation explores the advantages of using SATEC energy management solutions in Data Centers as well as showing examples from installations around the world.
    • PM180

      A new Transient module is available for the PM180. The module enables transient detection of up to 2kV in 16/19.5 micro second (1024 samples per cycle), to identify and locate transients and other short term power quality events.