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SATEC is a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of energy management solutions. Our focus is on innovating quality products that meet today’s advanced energy management needs. With decades of rich experience, our team has the technological expertise to deliver flexible solutions for customer applications worldwide. SATEC’s product line serves both energy utilities and energy consumers in various fields. Our devices span from basic power meters up to high-end advanced power quality meters. Our meters help enable utilities and consumers to take timely corrective action to conserve energy and prevent other electrical equipment failures.
" Working at SATEC for 10 years now has given me to opportunity to… learn something new almost every day that I will for sure be able to use in my professional and personal life. The most enjoyable, I have to say, is the “Family Ambiance” that SATEC offers its employees, we all care very much about each other and that alone is “Soul” satisfying."

Lourdes Gordillo, Office Manager

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