ExpertPower V6.0 release
We are happy to announce the release of ExpertPower Plus V6.0.
The major enhancements in the the new version include:
  • Automated comparison between TOU setup on device vs. the ExpertPower Server will show mismatch events on the Events summary page and a graphical comparison between the profiles appear on a new TOU Differences page
  • Map landing page support for a Digital-Input LED (Red/Green) and Basic measurements energy counters
  • Bill Data page export to Excel was added, and increased performance of PDF Bill generation 
  • Easier setup with addition of new customers via new default settings, as well as automated scan and initial registration for meters behind ETCs
  • Virtual device basic measurements calculation can be based on generic non SATEC devices
The new functionality is available to users of the ExpertPower service as well as new installations of ExpertPower Pro.For existing Pro edition installation with support subscription, please contact the support team at for an upgrade. If you don’t have support subscription, please get in touch with your SATEC contact. Please note that upgrades are provided at no charge during the first year from first installation or for customers with service contract.