ezPAC SA300 Advanced Control & Power Quality Analysis

The Total Solution for Add-On Substation Automation

The SATEC ezPAC™ SA300 Series Power Intelligence Unit is an advanced power analysis and control device unmatched in the utility and industrial environments. 


The ezPAC™ SA300 Series is a fusion of many Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) combined into a single powerful unit. ezPAC™ unites advanced control and automation functions, intelligent fault-recorder, power quality and sequence of events (SOE) with automatic analysis and reports. It also offers revenue metering, back-up protection equipment and control devices to provide a complete solution for substation and industrial automation. The ezPAC™ is suitable for retrofit as well as for new utility projects.

This instrument is an ideal cost-effective means to automating an electrical substation with existing electro-mechanical (EM) relays. The ezPAC™ series extends the life expectancy of EM protection relays for many years by providing the information lacking from these highly reliable devices without interfering with the protection scheme.

Take it to the next level

The SA300 capabilities are enhanced by ExpertPower™ Pro. The online service provides a set of Power Quality analysis tools alongside weekly and annual standard compliance reports.

Fault Recorder
  • Up to 150A fault currents
  • Fault distance calculations
  • Up to 96 fast (1 ms) digital inputs or 16 fast (1 ms) analog inputs
  • Sequence of events with 1 ms accuracy
  • SNTP Time Synchronisation
Event/Data Log
  • Up to 57 channel simultaneous recording (8 AC, 1 VDC, and 48 digital input channels)
  • Synchronized waveforms from multiple devices in a single plot
  • Built-in 4 Mb logging memory, up to 128 Mb (option)
Multi-Tariff Revenue Meter
  • Class 0.2S Precision according to IEC 62053-22
Advanced Power Quality Analysis
  • IEC 61000-4-30 Class A power quality
  • IEEE 1159 or EN50160 power quality analysis, statistics & reports
  • Sags/swells/interruptions detection
  • Pulsed transients detection (pulse width >150 ms)
  • IEC 61000-4-7 harmonics & inter-harmonics
  • Directional power harmonics
  • IEC 61000-4-15 flicker
Control & Alarm Functions
  • 32 programmable set points
  • 5 slots for plug-in I/O modules
  • Up to three modules of 32-channel digital inputs
  • Up to four 48 relay outputs
  • Up to four combined 4-channel analog input/output modules (4AI and 4AO per module)
  • Up to two 8-channel fast (1 ms) analog input modules
  • Three independent serial communication ports (RS232 & RS422/485)
  • Infrared port
  • Built-in modem
  • Ethernet
  • USB port
  • Protocols: Modbus RTU & ASCII, DNP 3.0, TCP/IP
  • Optional IEC 61850 protocol
Models & Accessories
SA300 Modules





The unique modular design of the ezPAC™ SA300 ensures its adaptation to the changing needs of today and tomorrow, through a selection of numerous plug-in options for multiple customer applications.


DI 32

Digital Inputs

RO 16

Relay Outputs


Mixed Analog


Fast Analog Input


Remote Displays


Remote Display Module



Multi-Window Display Module


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