Distribute electric costs according to real usage

Use SATEC's sub-metering hardware and software solutions to charge tenants according to their accurate consumption.
Reduce costs on energy consumption in public areas

A wide range of built-in algorithms divide public consumption (central air conditioning, common areas etc.) amongst tenants.

Extend equipment life span by monitoring Power Quality

Don't let Power Quality events damage your tenant's equipment. Monitor your Power Quality and correct problems in your system before it causes you costly damage. 

Focus Energy management efforts in cost-effective areas

Facility managers are inundated with energy savings means from lighting through air-conditioning. Make sure costly implementation comes with appropriate ROI. Monitor locations with SATEC solutions in facility and confirm they warrant the effort and cost of implementing the solution.

Establish true value of energy savings solutions

Use SATEC products to conduct pilots when deploying energy savings solutions. Verify the solution's efficiency before deploying on a cross-organizational level.

Respond to Energy acts and regulations

SATEC hardware and software provide the means to calculate an energy consumption baseline and follow up on savings acts as per acts and regulations.